Rotary Vacuum Packer 3812

High performance Rotary Vacuum Packer(Packaging Machine)! HSTec(Hwaseung Tech Co., Ltd) has tried to improve the quality of human life through technical innovation since 1995. We have made a contribution to general industry with constant R&D and passion. HSTec also has got public favor with the world's second development of Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine since Oct. 1995. And the company got the chance of penetration to the European market by being certified for CE.

Rotary Vacuum Packer
Rotary Vacuum Packer
Product information name : Rotary Vacuum Packer
3812 series for packaging poultry, fresh and processed meat.
Operating speeds from 20 to 35 PPM are available.
Available bag width up to 375mm(14.7")
Dual Impulse seal belts applied to provide a tight seal on each seal belt.
Two different models available depending on product, seal configuration and speeds required.
Designed diagnostic capabilities to solve in troubleshooting.
Rotary vacuum packaging machine's options are decided by contents, packaging materials, size and desired speed.